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0183 32DOC 0183 329. A 50 W heater is used to heat, an aluminium block with a mass of 5 kg. After 10 minutes the temperature of the block has risen by 400C. Calculate a the heat given out by the heater b the specific heat capacity of aluminium. c Why is your answer differentKeywords: specific heat, latent heat

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0183 323. How much heat is evolved when 1255 g of water condenses to a li uid at 1000C a RS 4. Using the heating curve of water, how much heat is required to warm 225 g of ice from 46.80 C to then melt the ice, then warm the water from 0.00C to 100.00C, then boil the

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Problem 3: A 43.2 g block of an unknown metal at 89.0 C was dropped into an insulated vesssel containing 43.00 g of ice and 26.00 g of water at 0 C. After the system had reached equilibrium it was determined that 9.15 g of the ice had melted. What is the ...

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Problem 4: A 5.00 g sample of aluminum specific heat capacity 0.89 J g 175 1 C 175 1 and a 10.00 g sample of iron specific heat capacity 0.45 J g 175 1 C 175 1 are heated to 100.0 C.The mixture of hot iron and aluminum is then dropped into 91.9 g of water at 23.7 ...

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A 16.1gram aluminum block is warmed to 58.2 degrees Celsius and plunged into an insulated beaker containing 32.5 grams of water initially at 24.5 degrees Celsius. The aluminum and the water are al...

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0183 32A block of wax is initially in the solid state. The block of wax is then heated. The graph shows how the temperature of the wax changes with time. time minutes temperature C 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 The melting

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34 A solid object has a volume density 0 at a temperature of 315 K. The coefficient of volume expansion for the material of which it is made is 7.00 215 105 K1. What will be its density in terms of 0 at a temperature of 425 K, assuming that it does not melt and

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A 0.250kg block of a pure material is heated from 20.0 186C to 65.0 186C by the addition of 4.35 kJ of energy. Calculate its specific heat and identify the substance of which it is most likely composed. Suppose identical amounts of heat transfer into different masses of

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2010/8/2 0183 32For example, when a liquid is heated, it can dissolve more of another material, but then when cooled down it can become supersaturated, until the excess material precipitates out. In this case, where the metals were dissolved into the solid silicon, if you begin cooling it down, you hit a point where you induce precipitation, and it has no choice but to precipitate out in a liquid phase ...

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0183 32Four 1kg cylinders are heated to 100 C and placed on top of a block of paraffin wax, which melts at 63 C . There is one cylinder made from lead, one of copper, one of aluminum, and one of iron. After a few minutes, it is observed that the cylinders have sunk

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